Dear world

I’m tired.

I feel the heaviness of the world, wearing me down. I wish I didn’t see it. I wish I was different. I wish I was happy.

I wish I saw the rose colored stained glass version of the world.

I wish I was beautiful. I wish I was loved.

Yes. To me those two go hand in hand.

I wish I wasn’t this alone.

The darkness pulling me further and further into the abyss. Life has no meaning. Only suffering.

I wish I was rich so that I could keep running away every time things became hard. Every time I ended here…. In this place…. Where people keep treating me like I know I’ve always treated myself… Watching others get the best version of people who only beat me down and demand more and more from me.

Save me.

Cos I’m tired of trying to save myself.

I’m tired of this life.

I can’t face it anymore

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