I cant deal

My boss is being a prick at work. We were told a week ago that our dept was facing retrenchment. 

On friday i got a warning about my in times. I was late by 6-10 min on 10 occassions in the last 2 months with schools and university starting and traffic being mad.

I also got a warning about tagging in at the work canteen and not tagging out or vice versa. The canteen has two other exit points with no tag access control. Plus no one ever checks that. Ppl never tag there routinely.

Then today i had an hr meeting about my sick leave. My boss who was never concerned about my health and told me to wear a mask when i said the dust from construction was actually affecting my health is suddenly concerned about my health. I had to explain myself for half an hour and had to deal with annoying questions like why dont i take antibiotics, why am i seeing different doctors… 

I was cold and angry and probably came across as facetious.

I didnt care. Why cant you just let us breath?

On top of it our allocated time for projects has been cut. So we have insufficient time, have to deal w meetings and the emotions of retrenchment and my boss is being a tool. 

Then theres my flat. Yes its my fault that i have illegally kept a cat which makes viewings of the flat difficult cos i have to hide him and all his stuff. But now they are demanding my spare key so that they can come in to accomodate more buyers. And i have to keep making excuses cos where do i leave my cat? 

And then theres my exs sister who has been messaging me repeatedly about her ottoman. Ive had it for 4 years. My ex and i have broken up repeatedly for months at a time. She has never contacted me. It feels like a tactic of his to suck me in.

I told him that he can get his stuff once he pays me back. But her messaging me just makes me want to destroy his stuff and her ottoman. 

Today i was also asking myself if my crush was just an attempt for me to try and escape the ex. And there he was driving in front of me in traffic and i felt connected to him in a way ill never feel in reality. So i turned off the route and took a different route even though we were driving to the same place. 

Can the world just give me a break?

Cant deal.

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