Being a burden

You know when u have someone in ur life who you think cares about you. Who you believe you are always there for, even when they dont ask. You help them out. Do all their favourite things when theyre sad. Make them feel special. 

And then you call them up and tell them youre having a bad day and ask for their company. And they sound annoyed that they have to change their plans but they come.

And youre grateful for their company and u take them out for supper, get them whatever they want even though youre broke and using your credit card. You let them choose the movie. You have fun together.

And the next day they throw it in your face. How they had to drop their plans to be with you. How their current situation wouldnt have happened if they were not with you. How you would have held it against them for never being there when you needed them if they had said no.

My life is full of people like that. Every where i turn.

It hurts so much.

Why cant i attract genuine people who care about me too?

Whats wrong w me? Do people think im not genuine? Do they take me for granted? Or do they see the things i think im doing for them as unhelpful?

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