Being a woman sucks

Being a single woman sucks even more.

Because, unless you know everything about everything, dealing with mechanics and it specialists, cellphone companies and police and men will always be a nightmare.  Even if you know things really well, you will be conned.

Because having people deliver things to you when u live alone, will always be taking a chance. 

Because being kind and polite and friendly is seen as a weakness and will be abused.

Because just having fun is putting your life in danger.

Because no matter how strong and great you become, there’ll always be someone waiting to put you in your place. 

Because being you and coping is never enough. You have to be perfect. The perfect mum/girlfriend/wife.

Because you were born to be objectified and people think they have a right to rate you on what they see.

Because 50 percent of women who are murdered are killed by their loved ones.

Because rape.

Because you get paid less, regardless.

Because you take on all the emotional labour.

Because having guy friends means being cool with listening to men berate the women in their lives 

Because getting pregnant is both your fault and your burden. 

Because you were indoctrinated to keep things running and do more than you can.

Because other women don’t have your back.

Because men don’t care if they don’t think they can sleep with you.


Happy women’s day.


5 thoughts on “Being a woman sucks

  1. I tend to ignore most of that and do as I please. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am loud, stubborn, dirty mouthed, opinionated, tattoed and my current attitude is if you don’t like me, it sucks to be you. 😝😉


    1. I wish I was more like you. I’m soft… I do stand up for myself when people are really being dicks but I tend to attract bullies and people who think they can use/fool/take advantage of me because I seem chilled and friendly and polite. Maybe I need more tattoos lol

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      1. Hahaha. My tattoos are hidden most of the time. They give me a lot of confidence though. There’s something about the pain to get them that gives a special meaning. It’s weird.
        The rest is your attitude with the dicks and bullies. I go from lovely to devil in the blink of an eye. It scares them very quickly.


      2. I’m on my third but when they’re all done (total of 5) my first will be covered and they will all combine to make a full back piece. It’s not even halfway done and I’m already planning the next one. 😉


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