You ever feel like no one’s ever got you? Really got you. That somehow people just don’t meet you at the right wavelength.  There’s similarities but at the core, there’s no one you truly connect with.

Not even that one person.  Who fits you.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’ve put too much if emphasis on it growing up. All I’ve ever wanted was that one person who really sees me. 

The partner in crime. The best friend. A Watson to my sherlock.  A thelma to my Louise. A morrie to my mitch. 

I’m not talking about my lover being this person. I don’t expect that from a relationship or partner.

But to just have someone,  anyone, by my side. My life’s maid of honour. 

Maybe I’m just a loner. Wolverine. Broken and alone but there to take care of others. 

With wolverine,  everyone he loved dies.  With me,  everyone I love leaves. Every friend I’ve made and got close to and had a connection with relocated shortly after and lost touch. 

Maybe I just need to embrace my aloneness.  My wandering solitude. 

All I have is myself. 


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