Do you ever miss school?

For many high school was traumatic.  It was for me too. But somehow,  flipping through my high schools Facebook page,  I yearned to go back. 

I miss the safe space it represented. Corridors full of dreams. Where anyone can be anything. 

I look at the girls who now go there and I miss the friendships I had. The certainty that every day I’ll be among friends 

Now I feel lonely and dreamless and the harsh realities of life have tarnished my hopefulness. 

Does anyone else miss school? Or am I just crazy? 


2 thoughts on “Do you ever miss school?

  1. There are days that I miss school, and then there are days that I remember the girl-drama and would never want to go back to that. Maybe knowing then, what I know now would have helped me deal with those girls. I’m reliving it through my own daughter, and she’s having the same bully issues and it makes me wanna rip a 13 year olds head off.


  2. Not really because I preferred life a little after high school, after I turned 18 and left home. I’m still in contact with a lot of my high school friends though. We do reminisce a lot. We have many happy memories but I certainly wouldn’t like to go back.


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