Meh urgh

I feel like I’m getting sick again. I feel like I’ve been sick most of the year and I’m out of sick leave at work so every time I’m sick it comes out of my annual leave and I have no annual days either.

I don’t feel like I’ve recovered from any if it.  in dec and Jan I had an upper respiratory infection. Had to take antibiotics. In Feb I had lower back pain which got so severe I could go to work for two days, had two chiropractor appointments and physiotherapy. In March I got an upper respiratory again (not that it felt like it cleared) and had to take antibiotics again which screwed up my gut bacteria which I’m still trying to recover from.

Now I feel like my lower back is out again and I have another upper respiratory infection.  I avoided going out this easter weekend in hope that I could keep it from needing antibiotics. 

This city and my office are really not great for my asthma. For the first time in over 15 years I’m on chronic pumps for my asthma. Meh. 

And I have no leave days left.

My new sick leave only kicks in in September.  I still have to get through winter. 

Also being sick keeps me from gym because we all know how germ infested gyms are… My lower back stops me from moving too much. On Friday, just shopping felt like I was going to die. And going to work when I don’t feel healthy equates to eating sugary junk to stay awake. Or just carbs.

Feels like I’m in a loop and I need to jump out. 



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