A reason to lose weight 

Since I turned 30, I suddenly put on tons of weight on my tummy. In three months, none of my jeans fit at the waist. The zips roll open or burst and it stays that way all day..  Like my tummy is popping up.

I’ve tried googling it and I assume it’s my metabolism dropping, my hormones changing and stress (I’ve been extremely stressed this year).

Tummy fat is extremely unhealthy.  It can cause a variety of illnesses like diabetes and stroke and high blood pressure. 

When I think about it it scares me. But then I go about my daily life and forget. I hate my chin and my tummy more than anything. And my arms. The thing is that I’ve never been happy with them. Even at my thinnest.

Losing weight opens that deep well of unhappiness with myself.  As I lose weight the unhappiness increasing. 

I don’t know how to lose weight and be objective. It only happens when I somehow do it without trying.. 

I don’t know 

I do know that I don’t wanna buy a new fat wardrobe.  Will continue to squeeze into my ill fitting jeans… Tyvm


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