Emotional eating journal challenge: the list

For anyone wishing to join in, the tag will be emotionaleatingchallenge2017. That way we’ll be able to find all related entries.

Day 1: my biggest barrier to weightloss is _____ and here is why _____. What are my other biggest barriers? Why do they block me? How can I work with them?

Day 2: who am I? Who have I been?  Who do I want to be?

Day 3: what do I want most in life? How can I get it?

Day 4: this year I want most to ____ and I will get it by ____

Day 5: how can I invest in myself, my health and my joy this year?

Day 6: looking back over your past 5 days of writing,  what patterns or understandings can I now see about myself and where I’m headed?

Day 7: how does food make me feel? How do I wish I felt about food?

Day 8: why do I eat? What three words describe my relationship with food right now? What three words do I wish did? Write food a letter as if it were a real person.

Day 9: if my emotional eating has a message, what is it trying to tell me?

Day 10: what is my body? How do I connect food and body?

Day 11: if I could take a magic pill and have my dream body, what would it be?

Day 12: dear body, I love you because… 

Day 13: when I look into the mirror, I feel….

Day 14: what are my biggest daily challenges with food and my body?

Day 15: if I didn’t have these problems,  how would my life be different? 

Day 16: what did I learn about food and my body from my mother?

Day 17: looking back on my last 16 days of writing,  what patterns or understandings can I now see about myself,  food and my body?

Day 18: what do I feel stressed, angry or guilty about? What do I do with these feelings? What do I feel joyous, happy and abundant about? What do I do with these feelings?

Day 19: where do I practice forgiveness in my life?  Where could I give more? 

Day 20: write down everything in life that gives me pleasure or joy. What in my life makes me feel alive and energised?

Day 21: I feel most at peace and connected when I ____ because ____

Day 22: what advice would I like to give to my younger me?
Day 23: what advice would older me probably like to tell me now?

Day 24: what would it mean if I were good enough?

Day 25: looking back over the last 24 days of writing,  what patterns or understandings can I now see about the emotional side of my emotional eating? 

Day 26: what 7 things am I grateful for? What am I most looking forward to?

Day 27: what do I wish I’d done differently in? Why? What would be different now because of that?

Day 28: what went super well? What is different now because of that?

Day 29: what words do I wish someone would say to me right now? How can I give that to myself this year?

Day 30: looking back over the last 30 days of journalling,  what do I how know that I didn’t before? How can I take this forward into action?

Day 31: describe the last time you had the type of fun that made you smile for a few days?

Day 32: what would my ideal day of health look like? What do I need to do to ensure I do this daily?

Day 33: describe three triggers in your life that lead to emotional eating?

Day 34: are your expectations for yourself too high or too low? Explain. 

Day 35: you go to a very dear loved one and tell them you think you are fat ugly and worthless  what would they say to you?

Day 36: describe your spiritual life? Is it satisfactory?  Does it need work?

Day 37: describe what your life would be like if you were told you could never lose another pound. How would you need to change your attitude?

Day 38: name two foods that you feel are bad.  What has made you believe this? Is it a credible source?

Day 39: what inspires you to be healthier? How can this be part of your daily routine?

Day 40: what is your one comfort food? How do you feel when you eat it? How do you feel after?

Day 41: identify someone who needs encouragement.  How would you give it to them?

Day 42: describe your satisfaction with your job. What is one small thing you could do to make it better tomorrow? 

Day 43: describe the last time you compared yourself to someone.  How did you feel? 

Day 44: write a letter to your 8 year old daughter who says she’s fat.

Day 45: looking back over the last 44 days of journalling,  what patterns or understandings can I now see? 

Day 46: what is the one thing you haven’t done because of how you looked or how much you weighed? What would your life look like if you did it anyway? 

Day 47: write down ten activities you could do to feel more relaxed?

Day 48: do you get enough sleep?  Why or why not? How can I get more if need be?

Day 49: where do I need to practice forgiveness in my life?

Day 50: reread all of your entries in the last 50 days and jot down some common themes you notice. Keep these issues in the forefront of your mind and consider ways to start healing these problems. Your emotional eating will thank you.


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