And another one bites the dust

I just had yet another guy tell me that I’m so beautiful that when he met me he thought about cheating on his gf again to sleep with me.

He then proceeded to say one day we might bump into this place that we both frequent and he’ll take me to his place to show him a good time.

I in no way allowed him to think this was an option. But I’m starting to wonder if that’s the message men get from me.

Sure I’m fun and I joke a lot. Not about sex. But I’m often smiling and laughing.

Why don’t men look at me and think that’s the woman I want to marry?

I keep finding men who want to shag me but not date me. I’m dateable? Right. 

I kind and caring and fun. Im loyal and make others feel important. I’m not too demanding.  I’m chilled.

When I was in high school chicks always told me that I’m the type of woman that men marry… Because no guys my ages flirted with me or asked me out on dates 

It doesn’t feel like things have changed. Just now all guys want from me is sex.


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