So called nice guys

I’m so over pretentious nice guys. 

The guys who go on and on about how nice they are and how they get friendzoned and how women only choose bad guys. 

The guys who bend over backwards for you, do everything you want and have no opinion.

I’ve tried to date three so called nice guys in my life. I’ve been accused of liking douchebags.  Usually by similar nice guys.

The thing is, these guys are all but nice. They’re pretentious with zero self confidence and believe they are gods gift to you. 
My experience was always that they were flat,  boring, didn’t have their own lives, just did everything I did without an opinion, never argued (even when I broke up with them, the response was just ok) and (the biggest issue for me), after a break up or me letting them know they don’t do it for me, they pull a 180.

They become someone completely different. Angry. Mean. As if whatever friendship you had dissolved into nothing.

In my opinion, these guys just don’t know who they really are. They don’t know what they want.

And the strange thing is that the dbs were always honest. They knew they were dbs.

It’s actually in Neil strauss’ the game on how to pick up women. Be honest.

Darcy is driving me insane at the moment.  He’s analysing my every look. Asking me over and over If I’m mad at him. He comments on my stuff on fb and deletes it. Then hell randomly ask if he’s that annoying. Then when I don’t respond to him he’ll say he gets the hint.



3 thoughts on “So called nice guys

  1. The perfect guy should be a mix of good and bad. Someone who’s supportive and loving, but will not hesitate to tell you if they don’t agree with something.
    They should be a nice guy while out with you and a bad boy in bed.
    And it’s almost impossible to find that balance 😥


  2. There are guys that are both out there. That have an opinion and aren’t a pussy but will treat you well and be kind and respectful. I’ve also dated these nice sad sacks who have no spine and then bang another chick the second you break up with them and they are the worst. But just because we’ve dated Dbags and pussies doesn’t mean there aren’t good ones. I think we just have to be more selective to make sure you get what you’re looking for and don’t settle. You deserve it


  3. I agree with these responses. There is a good mixture. Good to you, good to the people that you love and care about, but if someone messes with your or their family … well, a whole different side comes out. There is such thing as too much of something.


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