Day 14

Feels like day one. But I’m calling it day 14.

That is all. I just want to sleep for a week.  Im not even eating. Today all I had was a buddy bottle of stoney and a third of a packet of crisps.  It’s not healthy but I just didn’t want to cook or eat a meal.

Wish I could stay home and sleep for a week.  Gonna think about my future self.

I had to pick out toys that represented how ppl see me, how I feel when I get attacked and how i want to be.

I picked out a smurf as how ppl see me. Small cute harmless and always smiling.

When I get attacked,  I picked out a giant strong gorilla.  Nobody sees this but me. I become that in the corner in the dark when I try to fight for myself And who i am.

For the woman I want to be, I picked out a lion. Strong calm unconcerned. The lion owns his spot. Regal.


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