He said everything 

I think he was drunk.  It’s removes credibility. But he told me everything I’d never thought he’d say.

Most of me is incapable of believing it. After years of lies, his words mean nothing. 

He seemed sincere. But he hasn’t changed.  It was too early for any real change.

Id missed him. And seeing him I realised what was wrong with Darcy.  

It was the Bridget jones baby conclusion. 

We ate. He drank a lot. We talked. He talked a lot. I told him my piece…  He almost got angry hearing it but calmed himself down.  I listened to some music.  And left. He’s probably not going home any time soon.

He told me the new girl was a rebound.  And he realised he lost the most amazing thing that ever happened to him.  He paid me the bail money without me asking for it. I mentioned the fine. He said he’d pay it without me asking him too.

I didn’t mention his couch. He said a big issue for him was that my parents didn’t know him. I tried to explain for the hundredth time but in my head none of if really mattered.

There were a lot of memories. 

We hugged. And I left.

He asked me to let him know when I get home. But I’m not going to. I’m not gonna continue any contact with him.

I love him to bits. But he has too much stuff to sort out. To deal with. 

And whatever he said today, wasn’t enough. 


7 thoughts on “He said everything 

    1. Thank God for therapists. I didn’t expect him to say he was abusive. I didn’t think he was capable of seeing that in himself. It shocked me. But I won’t go back. I know I deserve better. If he thinks I’m as amazing as he said then he needs to work much harder to get me back. Much much much harder. Also I think I ruined his relationship with that other girl. Oops.

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      1. My ex admitted to his abuse, years later. But admitting it and not doing it again are two separate things. I still have the text messages where he told me he was sorry and he realized all of the horrible things he did. it broke me down … but in the end, he will always be him. And I always deserved better than that.


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