He told me

He told me that i was amazing.  Beautiful.  Unique. 

He noticed little things that I did and joked about them. He told his friends and family about my quirks.

He told me that he saw me. That he heard me. That we fitted.

He told me that’ll he’ll never hurt me again.  That he was sorry he broke me the first time. That he respects me.

Then he told me that he wasn’t ready for a relationship. That he needed time.

I ended it. He came back.

He told me that there was only one woman that he wanted to be with. That he’d do anything to be with me.

He told me that he couldn’t be there for me fully. That he couldn’t be the best possible version of himself for me. Because he needed to sort out him. He needed to finish his studies, get a proper job, pay his debt. Deal with his painful past. Be the son his mother wanted him to be

He told me I had too many expectations.  I don’t know what real relationships are like cos it was my first real relationship. I had too many fantasies about love.

That I just need to let him breathe. That he didn’t have time to always work on the relationship.  That it stopped him from working on himself and reaching his goals. 

He told me his futures and dreams. Told me he wanted me in his life.

He told me that I didn’t believe how much he loved me. That love isnt what I think it is. Everyone loves differently and it hurt him when I said I didn’t think he loved me. He told me that a Google search on being treated well was all lies. That relationships were more complicated. 

He told me that I couldn’t see how much he tried and I kept throwing his hardships in his face. That I just didn’t understand. That I was incapable of trusting someone. That he was so sorry he hurt me then and I just wouldn’t believe that he had changed.

He told me that i was with him because I was lonely.  That I couldn’t commit to us. That i never really believed in us and our future. That he was just there part time.

He told me that i didn’t have to fear that he’d leave. 

Then he left.

My biggest mistake was that I listened to his words and ignored his actions. I believed his words.

He showed me he could leave and not look back. Many times. He showed me that he could disappear for hours if not days and not try to contact me or care if I’m worried . He showed me that he could go out and party after having a fight.

He showed me that he could continue to entertain other women that I had a problem with. He showed me that he could disrespect me in public.

He showed me that he didn’t believe I was a part of his life. He showed me that he wasn’t determined to change.  He showed me that he only cared about material things.

He showed me time and time again that he didn’t love me. That he didn’t care about him. That I wasnt a priority in his life. That my feelings weren’t important to him. That our plans weren’t important to him. 

He showed me that he was just using me.

But I stayed. 

Because for the first time in my life someone said that they loved me. Someone made an effort to put up with me. 

My self esteem was so low that my response was to do everything I possibly could to make him happy. To keep him loving me. To make him stay.

But it was all a lie to begin with.


7 thoughts on “He told me

    1. I was a bit late but I’ve said it now. I wrote this just to make myself feel better about staying so long. Cos I felt like an idiot. Everyone saw that he didn’t treat me well. Someone described him as seeming to be in a casual convenience. But I stayed. And I deluded myself

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  1. Never ever ever delete this post. Whenever he thinks he can come back into your life you look at this post and you remember all the things that he showed you. I also notice that this is your first proper relationship which will make your self esteem and hope for other men at a low point. Your expectations and your theories about love are NOT wrong. You know how you want to be treated, you know how you’d like to be treated and what would be lovely there’s nothing wrong with that and please don’t ever think other men would do the same. Take this vile person as learning curve. It’s early days yet and you will have to grieve I noticed your most recent post about your done, it’s okay to write about your ex it’s okay to express how you feel on here as its your own personal space on your WordPress plus wouldn’t it be great in a years time when your happy and moved on in your life, you can look back and think I actually accomplished getting over this heart break. What you can take from this relationship is you know the signs to look out for, you know what you would want in a new relationship and you will never accept the same treatment again. Obviously the comment above by Becca, I’m unsure whether she’ll see this but when your in such a complex relationship sometimes it’s easier to just accept what they say to you especially when they’re doing nothing but making you feel like what you know is wrong and when you know they’re treating you wrong, is all in your head. It definitely is abuse. It’s much harder too when it’s your first real relationship because (saying from my experience from my first boyfriend who cheated and abused me) you sort of don’t know what is right and you don’t know what to expect in a relationship if that makes sense? That’s how I explain why I stayed with my ex for so long. Your first heartbreak teaches you a lot of life lessons. You have a long road to travel on to recover yourself. Be proud you’re going in the right destination to happiness. Keep smiling your amazing.


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