Inner child healing

I’ve been trying to find ways to heal my inner child. To change my story. But everything I find is so wishy washy.  Have any of you worked on it? Is it something that can one can only be made aware of over time? Is it something that needs a shrink?


5 thoughts on “Inner child healing

  1. Changing your story would be to change who you were molded to become today, which is pretty spectacular. My child story is garbage, but I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t of gone through the crap. Healing? Now that’s different. Therapists do wonders with that. It’s definitely something to look into.


    1. I realise thats confusing now. I meant change my story As in stop the destructive cycles. Stop ending up in the same but different shitty situations. It was in my previous post that I realised all the men in my life treated me the same way. They had affection switches and they’d disappear and I’d feel abandoned and my instinct was always to try and make them love me. A lot of it is inner child stuff. I don’t want to change my past. I accept it. I wish I stood up for myself more. But everything in life has a reason and a season


  2. Change your story in what sense? You can only change the present and the future, unfortunately (though I wish I could go back and change the past too)


    1. Hi there. I meant change my story As in change my destructive cycles so I’m not repeating the same krap. There’s stuff I wish I could understand better in the past and be stronger to deal with it but I’ve accepted that it makes me who i am and all I can do is heal

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