He makes me crazy

Nothings happened.  But he’s so sweet.

He whatsapps every morning and night. He comes to see me at my desk. He looks at me like he can’t believe I’m spending time with him.

Hes a total nerd. He’s really slow.

Yesterday I told him to come kiss me before he goes home. He came. We walked around the office. He took me to my car and he left.

Then he whatsapped me to ask if I’m disappointed. 

It’s so cute.

He remembers everything I’ve ever said to him… Even though I’ve forgotten it all. He’s a nice guy and all the woman chat to him… But he treats me as if I’m the only one that exists. And he’s soooo nervous around me.

I think for the first time in a long time I may have a crush on someone.  Yes its too soon. I’m not rushing into anything new. I don’t want to treat him as a rebound. But when he stands close to me, i feel myself giggle and for a moment I stop breathing. With my ex I was the giggling schoolgirl and he was the confident jock who just wanted me. 

He never tells me I look beautiful or cute or he likes my dress… But even on my ugliest days I feel like he thinks I’m amazing. 

I don’t know. He’s three years younger than me. I still get flashbacks of my ex… When I do I just feel numb. Sometimes it’s a good time, sometimes bad,  sometimes its him being intimate with that other woman… I hate that I know how both the women look…


But anyway… 


3 thoughts on “He makes me crazy

  1. I like that. You deserve someone that looks at you like you’re the only person in the room. My husband is a total nerd. He’s about three inches shorter than me. He loves science and math, he hates reading books without pictures. He loves to shop and I hate it. But he’s absolutely, 100% perfect for me. That’s all you need – someone that is compatible with you. Someone that see’s you and listens to you. Once you are able to let go of the ex, you will open yourself to the opportunities you didn’t know existed with another person. It can be a beautiful thing if you let the past fall away.


    1. He remembers the first time he saw me. He told me that he’s liked me since then. And it seems so pure and real… He doesn’t just want to sleep w me, he wants to know me and spend time with me…

      This guy is also slightly shorter than me. Lol.

      I’m healing slowly. I think I’ve been holding on to a lot of past. Not just my ex. But all my failures in relationships, life and how i look…


  2. If he treats you right, you have nothing to lose. A man needs to take the lead. Relationships aren’t all about sex and love. A lot of understandings have to fill the gap. When you have a family, sex will be the last thing on your mind.


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