So between Sunday and Monday I had made three trips to the police station to bail my ex.  I put in almost 7 hours into trying to get him out. I stopped my awesome night to be there for him and spent money I didn’t have on his bail. 

In the process, I had looked at his phone and was upset that he was sending another woman flowers when he had never bought me a gift in my life. Secondly because when I went to see him the first time he was too drunk to respond to me coherently. 

So I told his sister and cousin that he was drunk. Not because I wanted to destroy his life.  He had been arrested for drunken driving after all. I told them because I was the one there and giving a report back. I didn’t think twice when I said he was drunk. It seemed obvious. 

Yes he thanked me when I got him out.

But his response last night broke me. He told me that i was malicious and it was scary seeing the real me. That I had lied to punish him because I wanted to ruin his relationship with his sister. All because I was unhappy with what I saw on his phone.

It was a stab to the heart.

And for the first time,  I was okay. I looked at it,  I didn’t respond. I closed my phone and cried to u2’s one and stuck in a moment. 

Then I picked myself up and decided I’m done… With him and his whole family. 


6 thoughts on “Slapped

  1. I think you’re best off away from him. He doesn’t care to fix himself. He just wants to blame you and that isn’t acceptable; it’s abuse.


  2. He’s a narcissist if I’ve ever seen one.And of course you are who he calls to get him out of crap situations. And of course it’s okay for him to also talk to other women – women who wouldn’t come to get him out of jail. So freakin’ crazy. He’s a user.


    1. The weird thing is… I felt this all along. It never felt like he truly cared abt me… Except when he was probably feeling guilty. It felt like everything was about him. He always tried to win fights instead of making the relationship work. But I kept choosing denial cos somehow I believed I couldn’t live without him


  3. Everyone else had said it. You need to delete this man out of your life permanently. We are here for you. There are better men out there who will appreciate you for who you are and for your kindness.


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