Let’s start again

Today was my day two of no contact.

I dressed amazingly. I had two ‘dates’ planned. I was excited. I felt beautiful. 

I chilled with my family then went shopping.  Two weeks ago I went shopping and couldn’t find a thing.

Today in one hour i found four dresses and two tops. I felt great. Fat pictures didn’t make me hate myself. I felt good.

Then i met my writing idol and it was awesome.  He was cooler than i thought he’d be.

Enter date one:

We sit down to order food. I get a call. Im unsettled.  I call back. No answer. I call again. And at the back of my mind I knew it was about my ex.

He had been arrested for drunken driving. His sister was in joburg.

I got a takeaway and went to bail him.

I have never been so pissed off with myself.  My date who knew my ex came with to help me. It screwed up any potential of a second date.

I told my friend that I predict these things.  Every time.  He’ll say something and I know exactly how things will turn out. What will happen.  And it does. Rarely has it not happened as I predicted.  And it’s usually the worst situation….  The most drama creating.  I just know him that well. 

But there i was, his knight in shining armour once more.

I took a packet with all the things he had left behind at my place and I told his sister I’m done. I made it obvious that I went through his phone. To piss him off so that he’ll never come back to me.

I didn’t manage to bail him out because he didn’t have a licence or id. So he’s spending the night in a holding cell.

And I’m never looking back.


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