I started the week well but for some reason I’ve been feeling exhausted.  Completely flat. Twice I went to my car to sneak a nap cos I felt I couldn’t stand anymore. 

My whole body hurts. My legs especially.  It’s as if they just stopped carrying.

Yesterday I woke up to make lunch but I didn’t eat it. I bought some chicken noodle soup to make me feel better. It didn’t.

Today I didn’t wake up to make lunch.  I contemplated saying I’d be late but managed to pull myself out of bed. I ate junk food all day and now I ordered pizza.

Even though I’m not hungry and my tummy hurts. I’m just trying to eat my tired away.

My legs still ache. All I’ve done this week is work and sleep. It’s been freezing cold. Icy. It cuts into you.

I need to gym every day from tomorrow to make my target this month. 

Seems this is a really bad strain of flu.that or I’m super lethargic. 


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