When annoyed and grumpy, set goals

It’s 6 months until I’m 30 and nothings changed. 

I’ve been feeling so irritable and tense. About everything.  I figured maybe my adrenal glands are blown after the flu hit me.

Been trying to read and get my head back in the game but I feel so spent at the end of each day. My whole body is stressed out. To add to everything else, I bumped my laptop by mistake the other day and now it’s not turning on at all. I tried everything. 

Excessive googling points to a motherboard issue. Fml. Under warranty dell changed my motherboard 5 times because of a USB port issue that never got fixed. Now it’s not under warranty. 

And my one of the wisdoms that I had just filled, the cusp of the tooth broke off and I’m only going back home at the end of October. 


So when life feels like a bowl of grapefruit slowly rotting after buying a bunch on a whim of healthy eating resolves but never wanting to eat them, set goals.  One grapefruit a day. Hopefully. 

July goals

– Gym 23 times this month (to bring down monthly spending) 

– no take outs

– Eat to create healthy gut – take probiotics every day

– Take a multivitamin 

– Drink more water… Much much more

– Do yoga at least once a week to minimise stress

– Set aside time to clean out room properly (clothes, health stuff, old pills, old lotions)

Step by step guys. Step by step.


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