Oops I forgot my game plan

Health wise I had a fairly good day. Instead of staying in bed for an extra hour of sleep and then eating canteen food, I got up and sautéed some fine green beans. I also boiled two eggs.

Food wise, my day went well. I was full, didn’t crave junk food and didn’t dip into any crazy hunger pangs. I had breakfast, lunch and two snacks.  I’m really quite pleased with myself. 

I had a fairly good intake of water with a cup of green tea in the afternoon. 

Coming home however, I forgot to go to gym. It was dark, raining and icy cold. I autopiloted home and into bed despite having my gym clothes in the car. Urgh. 

I have to go to gym every day this month to regain my discount. 

I’m lying in bed too cold to move thinking about what I could possibly make early in the morning to take as lunch. Something quick, easy and fulling.



Goal: gym 23 more times


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