Day one off all the had meds. The antibiotic is finished,  I did five days of steroids. I hope not to have to tale anything tonight.

Fell asleep at 7pm last night but woke up at midnight and was up until 4am. I feel drained and dizzy and I just want to be in bed. 

I wish my workplace had a nap station. For moments like this where my head just wants to fall.

My teeth also hurt. I’m not sure why.

On the positive side though, I woke up this morning. I contemplated sleeping for an hour longer and than buying canteen food. Instead I pulled myself out of bed and cooked some fine green beans and boiled two eggs so tha I have lunch for today.

So yay. Taking some stuff for candida with my probiotics… Maybe that’s making me dizzy. Even though it’s herbal.

Anyway here’s too being more positive.  I’ve been moody and complaining alot and just not feeling joy in regard to anything.

Here’s to finding my muchness and childlike spirit.

Ironically thats how people describe me. Funny. Childlike. Full of life…. At least that’s how I used to be described. 

Now days I just feel snowed under.


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