Growing up

Why does growing old feel like torture?

Am I just nostalgic and sensitive? Do I hold on to the past roo tightly?

I’ve always believed that the longer you live, the more you use.

People you love 


Your youthful spirit


Childhood memories 


Things that meant the world to you

The family always there for you when u were young

Your skin

Your beauty

Your lustre hair

Your dreams
Growing old hurts. I look back when I was a kid. Running through the house with my brother. Dancing with my sister. My mum looking after me and tickling me. My dad and I watching TV together.

Now I barely talk to my siblings. I hardly see my parents. I live alone. I am alone.  I’m in what I thought was my dream job but I hate it. I have no friends.  Everyone has their own lives. I don’t have any more dreams. I don’t know what I want.

I want to give up.

What’s the purpose of growing? I never saw myself as old…


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