Grump alert

I just read the flu or a cold can leave you irritable and sad.

The last few days, while recovering from the flu, overdosing on medication,  taking antibiotics and steroids to prevent the infection reaching my chest, I’ve been snappy and irritable for no reason. 

Maybe I haven’t rested enough.

Maybe I’ve been having too much sugar.

Whenever I’m sick, I feel like I’ve lost a battle. I’ve been sick so often in my life it’s become something I just wear on my shoulder. 

Yes I’m the sick one. 

In the past, every time i got into a regular gym routine, I’d get sick.

Since I was a baby…. In my family I’ve always been the sick one. It made my siblings annoyed. At school i never ever received a full attendance certificate. 

Right now my head is cramping.  I’ve been trying to clear my body of medical toxins but I keep falling. 

I’ve tried taking vitamins and probiotics and all the good stuff but I just keep getting knocked down.

Chest infections, asthma, sinusitis, utis, epilepsy…  It’s just one thing after the other.

And I’m grumpy and annoyed and right now I have the worst cramping headache. I can feel thrust developing after the antibiotics.  I’m on my last day and I still have infected mucus in my system.

I’m tired. I’m tired of being sick.

I watched my bf get the flu and heal faster than I did. Without hard medication.  All he had was an occasional med lemon and flutex. He kept drinking and smoking.  And in a week he’s running again. 


Apparently there’s some scientific reason why being sick leaves you grumpy. Last time it left me depressed.

Oh look, I’m just entropy held together by skin. Whatever I take just makes me lose connection with who i am and how i feel.


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