Drunk speak

I love my old boss. I miss having him in my life. I feel if he was still part of my life, I’d feel better.

He’s real. He’s amazing.  We drive each other crazy when it comes to working together. But the conversations we have… It makes me feel alive. 

We have fun. We connect.

I miss connecting with people. Real connecting. I feel I don’t do that enough.

My drunken mind decided to drive me to the bfs after a great time with my old boss. We weren’t on the same page when I got here. I was buzzed and exciting. Floating in the awesome time I had. He was tired and still not cool with things.

My drunken mind had forgot about that. Forgot about Monday. Forgot about yesterday. Forgot about the photos I received. Forgot that things weren’t 100% between us.

There’s a lot of things in the past that I’ve blurted out in fear that he holds on to.

There’s stuff I haven’t been able to let go off.

Sometimes I wonder about the things he holds on to. Stuff I perhaps am not aware of. Stuff he’s kept inside. Things he’s deemed horrible and can’t stand about me….


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