Whoa… Coincidences

I decided to watch Jerry Maguire tonight. It always reminds me of my uncle.

I remember one night when I was young, we went to hire a video tape to watch.

My uncle picked up Jerry Maguire and my cousin mocked him saying that he always gets that. He also got the movie John Q.

As I put it on, I thought about that moment.

Then my mum called. My dad and I were chatting and he asked me what movie I went to see on Wednesday.  I said x-men. And his response: the first and last time I saw an x men movie was with you.

I didn’t remember.  And then he said it was the day my uncle died.

X-men: the last stand. My favourite x-men movie. I remember watching the first x-men with my cousins and my uncle. But I didn’t remember that. I blocked it out.

In my life, the saddest, most life changing moments have always happened on a good day.

This post seems lame now.

I wish I’d been older when my uncle died. I wish I’d had more time to get to know him. I’d always said he was my favourite uncle. After he past away, my dad’s family drifted apart. Then my mum’s family. I feel that the only people I have now is my mum, dad, brother and sister. It’s us against the world.


2 thoughts on “Whoa… Coincidences

  1. One of the few Tom Cruise movies that I actually liked. And an old one!

    I think it’s better to have 2-3 relatives that you’re close with than a dozen of them who don’t give a crap about you.


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