For the love of pizza

LCHF is hard. It’s expensive.  Getting in enough fat so u don’t lose the plot is really hard.

My friend in Oz who did it would have a spoon of coconut oil at night to up his fat. I can’t. The thought of eating plain oil makes me feel sick.

To bant I need to cook every day plus stop eating carbs and sugar.

It’s too many changes all at once which is why I think I keep falling off. When I get stressed its too much to think about.

I need to break it down in steps and do each step for 11 days before the next step. They say cold turkey is the best but I just end up bingeing…  Especially when it comes to pizza šŸ˜šŸ˜

So my weightloss plan (I still need a career plan and finance plan but one thing at a time).

Step 1: gym five days a week.
Start date: 11 june- 26 june

Step 2: stop all takeaways, ready made meals and canteen food
Start date: 27 June – 12 july

Step 3: stop all sugar including in alcohol (gotta find sugarless alcohol)
Start date: 13 july- 31 july

Step 4: stop all carbs
Start date: 1 August – forever šŸ™‚

Game plan.  Tick

Now to enjoy my pizza and brownie


It just makes me happy

Update: as I clicked post I received this



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