Who i used to be

2011. I’ve decided that that has been my best year thus far.

In 2011, I was brave and fearless. I was confident and self assured. I was single and independent.  I was secure and happy. 

Maybe not a 100% happy. But I was happy.

I was experiencing life.  I was out in the world exploring. I wasn’t perfect but I was great. I had friends,  I had freedom and I saw my family often. I was travelling all the time, learning all the time.

I was young. I was full of hope and dreams and determination. 

I lost my virginity in June or July that year. It was a setback. But it was before all the other guys.

In 2011 I saw my two most favourite bands live.  I experienced so much. Had the best new years party ever. Watched the sun rise of the first day of 2011.

My life was full, bursting. I always had something to talk about. I had friends to talk with. I had colleagues who loved me. Who invited me over. Who took me as their plus one to events. Who cared about me. Who believed in me.

I was alive.

How do I become that person again?



One thought on “Who i used to be

  1. You can become that person again by stopping the incessant pity party and reclaiming control of your life. Clean out the crap (be it people, habits, thoughts) and start anew. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. Increasing your qualifications & skill level will help build self-esteem and confidence. Invest in yourself and you’ll see all your troubles disappear. All the best.


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