I remember some celebrity,  maybe Kate Moss, said skinny feels better than cake tastes.

I’m not sure what skinny feels like but cake tastes damn amazing. Especially after a hectic soul searching kinesiology session.

I found a restaurant that sells banting carrot cake. I thought Id have a slice while waiting for my boyfriend to finished at work. But when I sat down,  my weak willed mind caved when I saw the most delectable bar one cheesecake.

It was amazing. I savoured every bite. I couldn’t finish the whole slice but damn it was good.

Now I just gotta make sure I’m good for the rest of the day.


My boyfriends sister recently bought these seeds to help her lose weight. I thought about getting it. Almost swayed by the idea of quick easy pain-free weightloss.

I said no. I’m done with fake quick fixes. I have three bottles at home of diet pills I never finished.  This time I’m gonna do it the slow way. The hard way. I’m gonna deal with all my emotional garbage.  And if a slice of cake sets me back,  I’m not gonna give up.


3 thoughts on “Cake….

  1. Good for you for not falling into the mindset of fads and quick and easy. Sorry world but weight loss shouldn’t be quick or easy! Guess I’m just tired of seeing so many tricky scams out there all the time. Hope you enjoyed the dessert, looks great šŸ˜‰

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