Day 4 cave

The tiredness got me yesterday. However, apart from two cups of coffee with sugar, I was track with LCHF.

Until supper. The bf was meant to cook.  I thought I had fish and stir-fry in the freezer. I only had fish and peas, and he’s not a fan of peas.

So he made the fish. But it turned out to be really tiny pieces, almost the size of fish fingers. We bought had one piece of fish and half an avo. Then we kinda sat there….  No entirely happy with nothing really to snack on.

That was the problem.

So I got my phone and credit card and ordered a debonairs double stack pizza. I figured it was gonna be my last pizza, might as well be an amazing one.

It was like heaven in my mouth. After that I slept like a baby.

Damn credit cards, online shopping and food delivery.  If one of those three didn’t exist,  I would never have got the pizza.

My calories were over my aimed calories by 200cal. And I was definitely over my carbs. Way over.  But I’m not beating myself up. Gonna try to keep going.

Waiting for pay day so I can get some groceries. At the moment, I have a baby marrow in my fridge, two eggs and three cans of baked beans. It’s gonna be a farty weekend. Lol



3 thoughts on “Day 4 cave

  1. I am with you on that one, if we had no credit cards and pizza delivery, I wouldn’t be tempted into ordering an amazing pizza, instead of a healthy meal! Enjoy your farty weekend, lol 🙂

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