LCHF day 3 and the morning after

I’m exhausted. I finally went back to gym yesterday. Just for a simple 25minutes. Got home and couldn’t sleep a wink. I lay there exhausted, unable to move but with a mind that wouldn’t shut up.

When I got to work this morning, I felt nauseous and dizzy. Tried to eat but it made me feel worse so I went to the sick room and slept for an hour.

Still feel like shit but trying to keep going.

As far as yesterday goes, it was my best day yet. My carbs was under 20g and I had a decent amount of fat and protein.

My biggest problem is that I’m not drinking enough water. Woke up feeling like I had a bladder infection. Gonna make my focus today to get in 8 glasses of water… Somehow.

I tried tuna for the first time in my life (been a vegetarian for 28years). I made grilled tomatoes stuffed with tuna. It was delicious but for some reason my the bf nauseous.  He still took it to work today…

Today’s challenge: the tiredness. It always makes me want sugar.  I’ tired I cant even think ahead about what I want to type as I type this.




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