A vitamin dilemma?

I feel nauseous today and still super tired despite sleeping for nine hours last night.

I think it may be an overdose of vitamin b6.

As vitamins go, I take magnesium, primrose oil and iron at night.  In the morning I take vitamin b. In the afternoon I take folic acid, vitamin d and omega 3.

The problem is that by separating all my vitamins the individual versions of magnesium, folic acid, b complex and primrose oil all contain vitamin b6. I’m not sure about the quantities.

The problem with multivitamins is that the don’t have enough of what I need.

The magnesium,  folic acid and b complex is for my depression.

It’s the first day I’ve ever taken all my vitamins…. So maybe it’s just the adjustment.

I wish there was a vitamin doctor who you could see and would scan ur body for all vitamin and mineral defiencies.

I’m also on a all natural candida tablet from my kinesiologist.

Will see how today goes…


3 thoughts on “A vitamin dilemma?

    1. I think you are right. I also started my day with a load of fat to try and keep myself full. Had a tablespoon of coconut oil in my scrambled eggs and cream in my coffee. I’m gonna skip the b complex tmr and see if I feel better

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