LCHF day two

I’m still exhausted. First time around I was bouncy with energy. I just want my bed. I don’t feel happy. My insecurities about my relationship are beginning to return. I feel like I’m sinking.

My diet went okay today. Not great. I still need to get under 50g of carbs a day.

There’s no reason, but I wanna go home and cry today. Fall apart. Nothings happened.  Nothings wrong.

I’m sinking…


Finally weighed myself after 4 months. Was wearing jeans and a belt but I was still 0.4kg down. Which is great. In January it seemed every week I was just piling on kgs.

This is my food breakdown for the day. Need to add more fat and protein and take my carbs down to below 25g a day.

I didn’t exercise today. I planned to. Packed a bag and never went. I’m thinking if I just walk for 30 min a day as a start I should start getting back into it.

Now to sleep better than last night and not have nightmares…


**for anyone interested in LCHF this is the banting version thats taken over sa



7 thoughts on “LCHF day two

  1. I read an awesome article this morning that might encourage you as much as its encouraged me, especially regarding what to expect during the early days. You can do this!! It’s getting easier every day, and I’m on day 5.


  2. Good job, you’re getting there!!. How does this diet work tho? What kinda food has high fat but low carbs. I remember Chris Powell talkin about this diet on his show long back 🙂


    1. Well I follow the banting way which is about eating real food. U can Google banting. There’s even a banting for weightloss group on Facebook. I’ve attached a pic in the post with the food list. I didn’t know how to attach it here

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