Day 1 of LCHF a fail

This weekend was one full of indulgence. I slept a lot. I drank a lot. I ate the carbs I wanted to. All in preparation for today: day one of the rest of my life.

It’s the third or fourth time I’m embarking on the low carb high fat lifestyle. I’ve read a lot about it and seen people change drastically on it.

I made some egg muffins last night to combat the problem of food prep. I had my lunch and breakfast prepared. At work however,  the exhaustion settled in and my body craved sugar. I caved in within the first hour at my desk. Then I had two cups of coffee with two teaspoons of sugar each. Then I bought rolo.

The feeling of eating a rolo cup felt like bliss. It reminded me of the flake advert from the 90s: a couple fighting, the woman throws out all his stuff, then sits and has a flake and the slogan “all resistance crumbles” comes up as she sinks into a sofa and smiles. I crumbled with one bite of rolo.

So today was a bit of a fail. I’m over the 25-40 grams of carbs a day and my cravings are whack.

However I read a friends status yesterday about losing weight. She said that people keep saying they fell off the bandwagon or slipped up. But if you are changing your lifestyle,  you can’t fall off anything. Every day is a day in that new lifestyle.  Whether u have a good day or a bad day. It’s a day towards a new you.

I’ve done zero work in the last week at work. My jobs have piled up and I’m screwed. Tonight I’m going home and I’m reassessing. What vitamins might I be lacking thats making me so tired? Healthy snacks to get my hand on if I’m slipping? Ways to curb the craving?  And most importantly,  how to get myself back to gym and start exercising again?

There’s no more glorifying the past and thinking I used to be thinner and fitter and never realised it. I always thought I was fat and ugly and weak and slow…

I’m going to get back to being thin and fit. And this time around, I’m going to love every second of it.


4 thoughts on “Day 1 of LCHF a fail

  1. You are off to a good start hon, feeling determined to do something is such a big step. Also, if you don’t feel like going to gym, how about a walk around your workplace 😊. i often feel uncomfortable going to the gym, so i just walk a lot in uni and take stairs. πŸ˜‚


  2. The first few times I started LCHF were the exact same way. I would start strong with a game plan, and then cravings or what felt like starvation would soon kick in by mid-afternoon causing me to slip up. The perk to all of this though, was even though I was having slip ups daily and never once able to successful stay under 25-50g of carbs- I still lost a significant amount of weight my first week. I think even just being mindful of carb content in everything you put in your body is helpful and will likely yield results even if you can’t ever stay under 25-40g.


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