I know I’m fat. I know I’m not healthy. I feel it every day. I get tired easily. Out of breath. I can’t do what I’m used to.

I’m just not inspired or motivated to lose weight.  It’s cold. It’s dark. I want all the wrong things. And I don’t want to cook myself something.  That’s the biggest problem.

I could make myself eggs with avocado and carbless toast. But the effort that it involves makes me want to spend money on food instead…  Money I don’t exactly have…

So now I want cake and bread and pasta and all those delicious warm goodies that money can buy.

It’s a constant battle.

I can look at motivational pics, success stories, horrendous fat pics of myself… But nothing makes me want to take the first step

I talk about gym and LCHF all the time…. But nothing makes me pack my bag and lunch.

Sure, there’s the depression.  I have been feeling low and unenthusiastic in general.  Maybe I should start by tackling my depression…


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